The Sound of Music final shortlist audition dates – 17th October

Congratulations to all of you shortlisted for final shortlisted auditions!

Final shortlisted auditions will be taking place on Wednesday 17th October at the Lever Club (upstairs) in Port Sunlight.

Children – 6-7pm

Adults – 7-8pm

Jane will be in touch with each of you over the weekend to discuss final casting and rehearsal schedule further.

If anyone can not make this date/time, please let Jane know when she contacts you at the weekend. Or you can email us

Here is a reminder of the shortlist:

  • MARIA / SISTER SOPHIA: Elenka Bennion, Katie Erich
  • CAPTAIN VON TRAPP / MAX: Gerry Johnston, Ian Tyrrell,Tony Lacey
  • ROLF: Joe Mears
  • LEISL: Cara Roberts, Kirsty Brennan
  • FREIDRICH: Charles Knowles, Dominic Williams
  • LOUISA: Gabrielle Ryan, Olivia Gardener
  • KURT: Jack Lally
  • BRIGITTA: Niamh Phelan, Sadie Putnam
  • MARTA: Amelia Rose Ratcliffe, Olivia Hanrahan
  • GRETL: Ava Smith
  • ELSA / SISTER MARGARETTA: Adele Riley, Marie Williams
  • MOTHER ABBESS / SISTER BERTHE: Margaret Jones, Phillipa Hipwell
  • SISTER BERTHE: See above
  • SISTER MARGARETTA: See above, Rebecca Patterson, Nest Anerin Jones
  • SISTER SOPHIA: Rachel Glynn-Williams, Rosie Bennett, Emily-Anne Loughead, Ellis Knox

Thank you and break a leg everyone 🙂

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